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Limited Lifetime Warranty

DARRAN Furniture, Inc. ("DARRAN") warrants that each piece of furniture manufactured in its North Carolina facilities will be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns and uses the products.

Subject to the limitations and exclusions herein, DARRAN, at its discretion and as the sole remedy under the DARRAN Limited Lifetime Warranty, will replace or repair a defective product or components with comparable product or components free of charge. This warranty is made only to the original purchaser from an authorized DARRAN dealer, for as long as that original purchaser owns and uses the product.

Limitations: Use/Care
  • Warranty is limited to normal single shift use.
  • Warranty is limited to generally accepted care and maintenance of natural wood products and environments.
  • Natural wood surfaces are subject to denting, scratching, and gauging if not properly used and cared for. Warranty is subject to use and care in accordance with the use and care instructions provided in the Product Care section of this site (including, but not limited to, the care and maintenance guide downloads linked theron), available at www.darran/com/productcare, which are incorporated herein by reference.
Limitations: Materials/Components
  • Laminates, Veneers / Finishes / Hardwoods – 10 years
  • Electrical lamps, Ballasts, Transformers – 3 years
  • Fabrics, pneumatic lifts, foam – 5 years
  • Custom products built to customer specifications – 3 years
  • Seating foam padding – 5 years
  • Seating metal accents, glides – 10 years
  • Seating wood frame – 10 years
  • Seating High Use Items – 5 years
    (High Use Items include, but are not limited to, table arms,electrical components, ganging mechanisms, pneumatic lifts, andpolymer based components)
  • Fabric / Leather - 3 Years
Warranty Exclusions
  • Damage identified as carrier or installer related.
  • Normal wear and tear of wood products during course of ownership.
  • Color, grain, or texture of natural wood materials, laminates and other covering materials.
  • Damages or failures resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, improper care, modifications, or relocation.
  • Non-Commercial use or locations.
  • So-called "ghost" indentions and similar damage caused by the failure to use appropriate desk or writing pads.
  • C.O.M. (Customer's Own Material) specified by the customer.
  • Damages to seating products caused by contact with tables, desks, or other surfaces.
  • Textiles (which may be subject to a separate warranty from the textile manufacturer).

All Warranty Claims are subject to DARRAN-approved inspections. Disputes may involve independent 3rd party evaluation.

Quality Assurance

DARRAN manufactures in accordance with the standards set by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) for Casegood Quality Standards. DARRAN manufactures in accordance with the standards set by BIFMA/ANSI for seating quality standards. DARRAN maintains a staffed testing facility to ensure products manufactured meet BIFMA/ANSI performance standards.

Every unit produced at DARRAN is completely inspected by an independent quality control team located within each plant whose emphasis is on assembly, finish and final inspections with empowerment to stop any unit not meeting DARRAN's high quality standards.

Light & Natural Finishes

The beauty of veneer and all wood products comes from the variations created by nature including color, grain, and texture. These variations are not considered defects and DARRAN's Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover color, grain and texture variations associated with natural wood and grain seen in any finish color. DARRAN sets standards for veneer selections; however, variations, especially apparent in light/natural finishes, will occur from one piece to another even if they are finished at the same time.

Finishes such as Clear Maple, Light/Gunstock Walnut, and Clear/Caramel Cherry will display more natural characteristics due to their light stain. Grain, pattern and color from unit to unit are not guranteed or warranted and products will not be replaced due to these variations. Exposure to light and age will cause darkening of natural wood products; therefore DARRAN cannot gurantee or warrant finish match of new products being placed with existing products in the field.

DARRAN exposed seating frames are constructed from European Beech Hardwood known for superior joint strength and hardness. Because the frames are made from several solid wood components, some color and shade differences may be seen due to natural wood variations. Light and Natural Finishes may reflect these differences more, while Medium to Dark Finishes will blend natural wood differences. These variations and differences are not considered defects and DARRAN's Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover color, grain, and texture variations associated with natural wood and grain seen in any finish color.


Use of glass overlays on surfaces will void DARRAN's Limited Lifetime Warranty, unless the overlay is installed and maintained in strict accordance with DARRAN's instructions. If an overlay is to be used, please contact DARRAN for installation and maintenance instructions.


Performance questions will be tested to generally accepted practices and AWI guidelines and standards for wood veneer furniture. There are no other warranties except as expressly set forth above either expressed or implied. To obtain performance of these Limited Warranties, the purchaser should contact in writing the authorized DARRAN representatives or current dealer who sold the product to the purchaser or mail the warranty claim to:

Warranty Department
DARRAN Furniture
P.O. Box 7614
High Point, NC 27264

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